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What we do

Sundar’s digital platform connects designers, sourcing professionals and buyers at apparel retailers, wholesalers and brands, with global suppliers and manufacturers.

Sundar optimizes the fashion and garment supply chains by improving speed-to-market, responsiveness and sustainability.

Designers use Sundar:

  • To better source sustainably and ethically
  • As a discovery, trend and inspiration tool for research and design
  • To develop custom fabric, trim and materials
  • As a collaboration tool with research and product development teams

Sourcing Professionals use Sundar:

  • To better source sustainably and ethically
  • To mitigate factory/country risk due to tariffs, pandemics etc.
  • To aid with new factory compliance and vendor development
  • To locate factories with capacity and capability in real-time
  • To counter-source globally

Buyers use Sundar:

  • To better source sustainably and ethically
  • To source quick ship, on-trend finished goods
  • To counter-source globally

How we do it

Sundar’s technology and tools enhance sourcing programs and supply chain functionality in the following ways:

Supplier Discovery Marketplace


Sundar Supplier Discovery Marketplace can be used as a standalone dashboard or integrated into your current supply chain and product lifecycle systems.  


Discovery of trends, materials, products, supplier capabilities are instantly accessible, and sustainability and compliance accreditation more easily surfaced.  


Deliver speed and scale to sourcing and sustainability and accommodate full networks of suppliers from Tier 1 to Tier 4 for traceability.  

Transparency Tracking and Engagement Indicators


Sundar Sustainability Dashboard is a dynamic interface that surfaces sustainability information for suppliers and manufacturers worldwide.


Integrated tool with assessments of indicators of suppliers’ and manufacturer’s likely social (labor), and environmental standards, as well as indications of achievement toward globally recognized sustainability targets like the UN SDGs.


Help suppliers benchmark their performance against others and also empower designers/product developers to take summary environmental and social sustainability indicators into account more rapidly and apply them.

Supplier Capacity Platform - NEW!



Supports improved purchasing practices across the supply chain and supply chain visibility.


Blockchain-enabled platform to identify supplier chain risk and better predict supplier capacity reducing the likelihood of sub-contracting.

Who we are

SUNDAR is an emerging technology company whose digital apparel sourcing platform and sustainability tracking tools are supported by the European Commission, UK Government, and the Omidyar Foundation - the impact fund of eBay founder Pierre Omidyar focused on eliminating modern slavery.

Sundar was established out of MIT, is backed by major institutional investors in Silicon Valley, and our early customers include the most innovative names in contemporary fashion and some of the largest global apparel manufacturers.  We have active partnerships with major enterprise technology providers who serve the apparel and retail industries globally, and have been featured in Forbes, Business of Fashion and Luxury Daily.

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